On Your Side: What to buy in May

It's certainly not back to normal, but some stores in the Ozarks will start to reopen next week. If you don't want to venture out just yet, deals are just one click away.

1. Buy a new AC unit

If you need a new AC unit, buy it now. The last thing you want is a breakdown during the dog days of summer. HVAC experts typically recommend replacing units if they are fifteen years or older.

2. Buy a trampoline

With the warmer weather, now is a good time to buy a trampoline. Expect to save about twenty percent. Buyer beware though, first, talk with your home insurance agent. It might not be covered or you'll need a net. Know if you're responsible if the neighbor kid gets hurt.

3. Buy small appliances

Take advantage of small appliance sales. You won't see prices this low until Black Friday. You can save big on certain big appliances, like refrigerators. Don't forget, save those warranty papers.

4. Buy a mattress

The ideal time is President's Day, but Memorial Day sales can still offer competitive savings. A reminder, replace your mattress about every decade.

5. Buy Star Wars things

May the fourth be with you! The fourth of May is gaining traction as a holiday dedicated to all things Star Wars. Certain box stores will have impressive mark offs. If you have a star wars fan in your family, snag their Christmas gift now.

Days to remember:
May 5 is Cinco de Mayo.
May 10 is Mother's Day.
May 15 is National Bike to Work Day.
May 25 is Memorial Day.