On Your Side: Where's my Missouri tax refund?

Dozens of viewers tell On Your Side they still have not received their Missouri tax refund.

Photo courtesy: MGN

Risa Elliott and Patty Brooks are still waiting for their refunds. Patience is thin. After all, they both filed six months ago.

"If I owed them that money, they'd be on my tail about it," said Elliott.

They both say the Department of Revenue owes them a little more than $100.

On May 10, On Your Side started asking questions. Ashley Reynolds sent emails to the Department of Revenue. We called and left voicemails.

Twenty-one days later, DOR sent this statement:

On November 13, the Department did go live with a new integrated system, a once-in-a-generation upgrade to a decades-old system that was no longer efficient. Anytime you bring a new system online, you can expect some growing pains. However, despite that, year to date we have issued about 91% of individual income tax refunds as compared to this time last year.

Every year, a certain percentage of returns are flagged by our system and need to be manually processed and that does take more time. A number of things can flag a return, including filer error and potential fraud alerts. These notifications are essential to helping us best protect our customers—Missouri taxpayers.

State Auditor Nicole Galloway says it's unacceptable.

"Everybody knows when tax time is. It comes at the same time every year. The DOR knows they have to process thousands of income tax refunds to get money that is owed to them. This should have been part of planning for the new system," Galloway said.

She encourages taxpayers who have not received their refund to file a complaint with her office.

D-O-R tells On Your Side to date, its issued more than $1.5 million refunds. 32,000 are pending issuance. 85,000 returns are flagged for manual review.

If you have not received your money yet, the state will have to pay you interest.

Not received your refund yet? File a complaint here:

Click HERE

State Auditor hotline: 1-800-347-8597