On Your Side: Woman in Ozark, Mo. loses $2k when trying to buy car online

OZARK, Mo. -- If you shop for used cars online, buyer beware. A woman in Ozark thought she bought a car through eBay. Instead she lost $2,000.

"I'm very disappointed in myself. You think at my age, at sixty-nine, you'd think I would know better, said Pam Nielsen.

Nielsen just sold her old car. With cash in hand, she spotted a deal on Facebook Marketplace.

$2,000 for a 2008 Ford Edge. She contacted the seller and got this email. She was instructed to buy eBay gift cards. She went to Walgreens and Dollar General.

"I scratched the numbers off and called them," she said.

Then she got an email and was told she needed to pay an additional $1,000 for shipping. She told a friend. That friend called the real eBay.

"We don't show that number as an order. That's when my stomach dropped. My heart quit beating for a minute. Then I knew," Nielsen said.

On Your Side reached out to eBay. A media relations person tells us this is a scam. This email and phone number don't connect to eBay. The biggest red flag, eBay will not send instructions to buy gift cards. Also, take note of the price. The Ford Edge was priced below market value.

Remember when buying a car from a private seller, see the car in person before giving money. If you don't know much about used cars, take someone with you who does. Pam says she told police and plans to file a complaint with the Attorney General.