On Your Side: Springfield electronic repair shop reopens

The doors are back open at Springfield electronic repair shop.

You might remember last fall when UBREAKIFIX on South Glenstone Avenue suddenly closed.

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Customers contacted On Your Side saying they couldn't get their stuff ... like tablets, phones and other devices. The doors were locked. No one answered the phone. We pulled the court documents that showed a $200,000 judgment for not paying rent.

Now, there's a new owner with a different LLC. Same business model, if something with a homescreen breaks, they'll fix it.

"We've been around for twenty years. Between retail and technology and servicing customers, we are here to stay. If you look at our track record, we go into communities and make a difference," said Christine Ricci, CEO of Phone Medic.

Ricci says she was able to rehire a few previous workers. Shortly after our first story aired, customers tell On Your Side franchise workers gave them their devices back.