On Your Side tries to track down sunroom owner, what's next for customers

Four Seasons, also know as Springfield Sunrooms, filed for bankruptcy. Nearly forty customers tell us their homes still look like construction sites.




Michael Hainrihar owns Springfield Sunrooms, also known as Four Seasons. On Your Side viewers tell us in total, they've paid a half a million dollars to this company and the jobs aren't done.

Hainrihar's phone is disconnected. On Your Side went to his home, no one answered the door.

A consumer attorney says a company can finish work even after filing bankruptcy.

"It could continue to perform the work and complete the contracts and any money that would come in ... any payments that are outstanding, has to be ran through the bankruptcy court and the trustee has to approve that activity, but they could finish the projects that they have outstanding ... if they choose to," said Summer Masterson-Goethals.

If you're an upset Springfield Sunrooms customer it's recommended you do this:

Talk with a bankruptcy attorney. Learn your rights and see if you can be added as a creditor in this case.

File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Complain to Four Seasons cooperate office in New York.

File a complaint with the Attorney General. We checked, the Attorney General is not investigating at this time.