On Your Side visits Consumer Reports in New York: Taste testing kitchen

Do you think you have the skills to be a taste tester? Or a food critic?
As Contact KY3 On Your Side reporter Ashley Reynolds found out, having a professional palate takes a lot training.

"We also look at the boxes. Sometimes the packages look so beautiful and plentiful and have lots of vegetables. So when we cook at it and look at it, we also do the physical inspection," said Maxine Siegel with Consumer Reports.

This is where the experts examine what you put in your grocery cart.

"We definitely promote organic, but the consumer needs to know that doesn’t mean you can eat the whole bag. It’s still a snack chip. Nutritionally, though, these two are not that different," said Amy Keating
with Consumer Reports.

Labels can be confusing. If it says natural, read the fine print.

No two digit codes here. You're more likely to have a bias with two digit codes, like thirteen is unlucky or you might favor twenty-three, because it's a famous jersey number.