On Your Side visits Consumer Reports in New York: Why this testing matters

Chances are you have several products in your home tested by Consumer Reports. Or, for decades watched our stories with them about the good, bad or valuable.

For the first time, ever, Contact KY3 on Your Side reporter Ashley Reynolds visited Consumer Reports headquarters in New York.

There are 60 labs in this 285 thousand square foot facility just outside New York City. Since the 1930’s, workers with Consumer Reports have put your household products to the test. Products like grills, treadmills, strollers, food, vacuums and doorlocks.

If you buy it, these experts test it, to the tune of a twenty-seven million dollar budget. Contact KY3 On Your Side received incredible access so you can see how the pros rate for safety and reliability because your dollar matters.

These test results are published in the Consumer Reports magazine.
Some results are free to the public, but CR depends on its more than seven million members for funding.

"Being that we are nonprofit and independent, we don’t take any money from advertisers, manufacturers any of those things. If we need to say something about a product we are able to do that. We don’t take any money from them. Our mission is to serve the consumer," said Alex Willen, with Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports does not accept free samples from companies.

"No. Every model, every sample we get ourselves. We have secret shoppers who are anonymous and purchase it at retail," said Emilio Gonzalez with Consumer Reports.

When examining a batch of products, testers might coin one as a Best Buy.

"A Best Buy product is the value a product can bring based on performance and cost," said Willen.

They test it, like you would use it. Some of the pros even take their work home. Extensive testing here has resulted in recalls.