On Your Side visits Consumer Reports in New York: Door locks, treadmills and vacuums are put to the test

These pros put thousands of your household products to the test for safety and reliability.

Ashley Reynolds gained rare access so you can see what goes on inside those labs.

A good door lock can protect your family from a bad guy. Experts do what's called the kick-in test. It demonstrates just that.

"This 102 pound weight, simulates a person giving a solid kick. We test it at several different heights. The heights give it more energy," said Eric Hado with Consumer Reports.

A door strike plate will make your lock safer.

"These are available for less than 10 dollars. But many manufacturers are starting to give this as original equipment with the whole assembly. It’s a good thing to have," said Hado.

The treadmill lab has tests that replicate six months of use for a 170 pound person.

"You can get good quality treadmills for less than one thousand dollars, but if you go below that you can see there are trade-offs. If you are going to just walk on it, you don’t need one that’s really heavy duty. The more expensive machines will have higher horsepower motors. They’ll run at slightly higher speeds. They’ll incline at higher grades. If you don’t need those physical demands a treadmill can offer, you could scale it back and save some money that way," said Peter Anzalone with Consumer Reports.