On the grow: Habitat For Humanity ReStore embarks on its own improvement project

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Have you seen how busy it is at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore these days? The agency says it's experiencing a lot of growth and is preparing for even more.

"We are having such a great time out here now. The energy seems to have picked up," said Larry Peterson, Executive Director told KY3's Mike Landis.

Habitat For Humanity is the charitable organization which builds homes that can be purchased by underprivileged families. Proceeds from the Habitat's ReStore help pay for housing projects. 90% of everything is donated either by businesses or residents.

"It is also garage clean out season. So, people are cleaning out their garages and bringing what they can to us, said Peterson.

"That is part of the pay it forward," said Oliver Blount, a Sales Associate. "You are paying it forward when you come here."

Usually, it's stuff like plumbing and paint that get's donated. This season, it's parking lot that's being donated.

"Right now it looks a little bit like London after the blitz,' chuckled Peterson.

Blount explained, "It will be good, especially in the wintertime because it is like a skating rink out there. One [wrong] step you may go down this hill."

BKD and an anonymous donor provided the amount needed to remodel the entire lot. Peterson says the old lot has become a safety concern.

"People will be happy to know that now when they come out when our parking lot is finished, they don't have to worry about their axles or their maybe having their mini coopers disappear into a sinkhole out in the parking lot."

Habitat was a little concerned the construction could scare customers off. Instead, just the opposite's happening.

Peterson said, "What's happening is people see this construction out there and they drive by and they go, "What the heck is going on?" and they pull in and say, this is the restore I have heard about it, let's go in."

There are Habitat for Humanity ReStore locations across the country. The Springfield location is now one of the top three percent in the nation for business.