One of a kind hot rod raffled off to help sick children

Published: Jul. 26, 2018 at 8:22 AM CDT
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A group of local designers, builders and mechanics just created a 50-thousand dollar one-of-a-kind car. Not only can you see it at the Birthplace of Route 66 Festival, you could win it.

It's all hands on car at Curry's Hot Rods in NIxa. It took a community to build this Hot Rod.

Roy Lanham of Rick's Automotive says, "Mine and Tony's and Jack's and everybody's."

Dennis Hobbs of The Mother Roadster Foundation adds, "We call it The Mother Roadster."

They started wiring up the work on the hot rod 6 months ago.

Jack Stinson of Stinson Building Company says, "This is a fiberglass body and it's got steel supports throughout the body to keep it rigid."

Paul Adler explains, "This is the actual birthplace of The Mother Roadster. It started out like this as a mold. Then, the mold moved onto a frame. And, now it's almost done."

And, not a single one of these guys will drive it home. It's being raffled off to help kids... Shriner's kids.

Larry White of White Auto Trim says, "God put me in a place to say, you're a big boy, you can help out."

Tony Curry of Curry's Hot Rods adds, "All you have to hear is one story of how the Shriners have helped children."

And, here's that one story.

Severe malnutrition robbed Lumanes and Kazo of their eyesight. Kazo also had deformed legs. Multiple surgeries later they have decent vision. Both can walk.

Larry says, "This group of guys involved in this, their hearts are in the right place for helping children. So, I did that because it was there. Somebody needed to do something."

The group is now hoping The Mother Roadster brings in a haul as green as the finish. The raffle's goal is to crank up 100-grand in sales.

So, you could get the keys for the price of a ticket.

Roy Lanham of Rick's Automotive says, "Yes, this will run. Would you like to hear it?"

Dennis Hobbs of The Mother Roadster Foundation cranks the engine and says, "I can see you (Paul) pulling into work at KY3 with this!

Paul gives a hearty laugh.

You can get one ticket for 20 bucks or 3 raffle tickets for 50 dollars. The Drawing will be held at the Birthplace of Route 66 Festival. If you want to buy a ticket or see the list of all the local shops contributing to the car's creation, check out the link to your right or type into your browser.

Photo Courtesy: Jim Wilder, Undercar Digest