One man dead after early morning fire in Sunrise Beach

SUNRISE BEACH, Mo. -- One man is dead after an early morning fire in Sunrise Beach Friday.

Investigators say the fire broke out at a home on Old Sunrise Acres Road around 1:30 Friday morning, and when firefighters arrived, the entire house was covered in flames.

"The entire front of the house was on fire. The fire had also broken through the roof," said Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District Chief Dennis Reilly.

Firefighters got on scene when temperatures were just about 12 degrees.

Once the fire was under control, they found the man who is believed to have been the only one who lived here, dead inside.

"The family members have been contacted, and we are in the process of working with the State Fire Marshal who partners with us as part of our normal procedures anytime there is a fatality with a fire," Reilly said.

The investigation is in the early stages, but Reilly says they believe it all started because of a faulty wood burning stove.

"It's very common in this area to see people using wood buring stove," Reilly said. "We recommend that you maintain your stove, you do the maintenance as required on it."

Reilly added they also believe there were no working smoke detectors inside the home.

"If you have working smoke detectors and there is a fire, your chance of early notification which leads to a higher probablility of survival is much higher if you have working smoke detectors as we talked about," Reilly said.

Family members did stop by Friday afternoon, but didn't wish to speak on camera.

There were rumors there were multiple dogs who lived here at the home as well. Reilly said they did not find any of the dogs, and believes there is a good chance they were inside the home at the time.

The State Fire Marshal's Office is investigating. Stay with KY3/KSPR for the latest developments.