One way to ease that pain in your foot

Published: Aug. 25, 2017 at 9:34 AM CDT
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On this Fit Life, we're looking at insoles that you can put in running or walking shoes. Eric Johnson of Fleet Feet Sports is here with us today.

The purpose of an insole is to change the forces in the shoe. The insole can improve the fit of the shoe or it can be address the pain of Plantar Ffasciitis.

There are a lot of designs on the market. You want to stay away from the soft all foam insoles. They just don't really offer much support.

You want to look for insoles with a rigid arch built into the product.

So, in your right hand (in the video) you have one with a more traditional long high arch. In your left hand, we have the Super Feet version which is a little bit less intrusive and offers a little bit more rear foot support.

Both of these types can be really good for you.

It really comes down to the most comfortable insert for you. To know for sure, take some steps in the shoe you plan to wear with the insoles. You'll know if it's hitting the wrong spot for you right away.

The price on some of these will range between $40 and $55.

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