One way to prevent broken bones as you age

Published: Mar. 1, 2019 at 9:40 AM CST
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On today's Fit Life, we visited with David Poland from X-Fit to get an answer to a viewer question. The viewer described themselves as a Baby Boomer worried about brittle bones as he aged.

David told us one way to protect your bones is through weight training:

During weight training, the muscles are pulling and contracting. This process increases natural calcium development in the bones because the pull and stretch required for weight lifting is a stronger pull than most anything you would do during day-to-day activities. The increased volume on the joints increases calcium, and the calcium will help to develop stronger bone density. David recommends 2-to-3 days a week of resistance training to improve your bone density. Seek out a program or professional trainer to guide you through this, particularly if you are concerned about or already know you have bone density issues. A professional trainer can help you avoid any risk factors in weight training by designing a program that matches your personal level of fitness. Another good thing to do is to have a bone density scan, called a DEXA scan, which tests bone density and your risk for osteoporosis. Your family doctor can order the test for you. There are also places in Springfield that offer this test, including the Biomedical Science Department at Missouri State. Also, don't forget that proper nutrition plays a vital role in good bone density.