Ozark County, Mo. deputies investigate deadly stabbing

Published: Feb. 12, 2020 at 11:18 AM CST
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A man is dead after an early morning fight and now, Ozark County deputies are questioning several people who may have had something to do with it.

27-year-old Robert Chambers of Gainesville died early Wednesday morning at a home southeast of Gainesville, near the Arkansas state line.

The sheriff tells KY3, eight people were at the home when a fight broke out, turning deadly.

Sheriff Darrin Reed says the 911 call came in around 4:15 Wednesday morning.

When deputies got to the home on County Road 524, Chambers was found outside on the ground.

Sheriff Reed says four people were inside, when four others showed up.

"So they went there to recover some items and of course the owner did not want them getting the items, because he felt like they owed him some money," Sheriff Reed explained.

According to Reed, Chambers was not apart of the initial argument.

Reed says a person was asleep in the back of the house when Chambers and another person went to the back door.

"He was asleep in the back of the house and somebody knocked on the back door while others were being talked to in the front of the house. A fight broke out back there and they could tell something was going on in the back room," Reed said.

Reed says Chambers was stabbed one time in the chest, before he ran outside and collapsed.

Deputies now want to hear from the other seven people.

"All seven of the other remaining witnesses are being questioned at this time," Reed told KY3.

Sheriff Reed says it wasn't the first time deputies have been called to that home.

"Been out there several times. I think we've executed a couple of search warrants at that residence just recently," Reed exclaimed.

No arrests have been made while authorities unravel everything.

Sheriff Reed says all information in the on-going case will be turned over to the Prosecuting attorney for review and for possible charges.

Sheriff Reed says Chambers was the victim of a stabbing back in 2017, but that Chambers did not testify, so charges were dropped.

An autopsy on Chambers' body will be performed Thursday in Springfield.

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