Ozark, Mo. couple welcomes baby girl while on the highway

Published: Sep. 16, 2019 at 11:26 AM CDT
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An Ozark, Mo. couple welcomed a new baby girl in a very dramatic way.

Amanda and Jeremy Dalton welcomed baby Olivia Grace into the world as they were literally driving from Ozark to Cox South Hospital.

Amanda had been having contractions much of the day, but didn't think they were the real thing. Her due date was still more than two weeks away. Jeremy had just gotten home from work that Wednesday evening, and convinced her it was time to go get checked out. They say as Jeremy was driving and Amanda was riding in the passenger seat, things got more intense. The contractions got stronger, Amanda unbuckled her seatbelt, and was turning around in her seat just trying to find a more comfortable position. Jeremy says he said quick prayer asking God to relieve her pain or just let them quickly get to the hospital. That's when the couple say their baby girl made her entrance into the world.

"Next time I look over, I say what are you doing, and I see baby's head," said Jeremy Dalton. "And I was like, she's coming out! I turned to look back at the road, trying to keep an eye on both things at the same time. And I just looked over and saw her grab her and pull her up and set her on her lap. And it's kind of like, that just happened."

Jeremy never stopped the car until they got to the hospital. He says amazingly, even with last week's construction on U.S. 65 northbound, they didn't hit any backups on their way to the hospital. With that and all that could have gone wrong, they truly believe God was at work in it all. That's why they've given Olivia the middle name Grace.