Ozarks Food Harvest expanding, adding more space and more healthy food

Published: Jan. 25, 2018 at 7:19 PM CST
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The shelves are stacked floor to the ceiling at Ozarks Food Harvest.

"We used to have slow period. Sometimes in the summer and sometimes after the holidays. But, these days hunger is a full-time job. Hunger relief is a full-time job," said Ozarks Food Harvest CEO-President Bart Brown.

One thing the agency is distributing a lot more of these days is fresher, healthier food such as produce and dairy items.

Brown said, "We are not only trying to feed more people more food but better food. In other words, more produce and less canned food." He added, "Thanks to our generous donors we have been able to make tremendous strides. We have been able to increase access to fresh, healthy food like produce in Greene County by up to 70-percent in other counties by almost double."

To meet the demand, the agency is greatly expanding it's footprint. A new addition under construction now more than doubling the facility's current size. The project is being funded by donations from the O'Reilly family and others.

The expanded warehouse will allow them to serve more families healthier food.There will be a lot more cold storage space for fresh, perishable items.

The expansion and expanded outreach are expected to roll out the middle of this year.

Brown stated, "There is a real need for folks to eat better to feel better in order to function better."