Ozarks businesses send help, including nearly 100 boats, to assist Texas

Published: Aug. 29, 2017 at 4:32 PM CDT
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People in the Ozarks are mobilizing to help those affected by the flooding in Houston, Texas. Bass Pro has sent 40 boats so far, and they are preparing another 40 to help with rescue efforts. '

"We're coordinating primarily with the National Guard, police departments in the area, folks that are trained in water rescue efforts," said Sarah Hough of Bass Pro.

Lowe Boats in Lebanon also sent three trailers of boats to help with rescue efforts.

"What we're hearing from the ground, a lot of people who are trapped. In some situations, the call for evacuations came after the waters had gotten too high, and people are in a situation that their only way out is by boat," said Benjamin Cast of Lowe Boats.

For a city where thousands remain cut off as rain continues to pound down, much-anticipated help is on the way.

"We've been kind of on standby," said Mark Alexander of Cox EMS.

Federal orders mean ambulances and medical workers from Cox in Springfield have been dispatched as well. They will be stationed to relieve workers from other states already on the ground.

"Right now there's so much flooding that the wheeled ambulances are not very useful, so they're taking people on boats and bringing patients to the wheeled ambulances," Alexander said.

For a city underwater, relief from the outside can not come quickly enough.

"We like to think if we were ever in this same situation, where we were in need of help, that other people would help us out," Cast said.

For their part, Cast said Lowe Boats will not be requesting their boats be returned.

Bass Pro sent six pallets of emergency food with Convoy of Hope as well and has made other donations.