Driver slides into apartment in Camden County

Published: Jan. 13, 2020 at 4:54 PM CST
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Firefighters were busy Saturday afternoon as winter weather pummeled the area.

"We had a car wreck going on, and a medical emergency," Deputy Chief Drew Stark of the Mid County Fire Protection District recalled.

Stark was with Chief Scott Frandsen working that medical emergency, when Frandsen heard the call of a car into a home not far from the fire station.

"He came around the corner and says, 'what's your address?' and I told him and he said "oh. You have a car in your living room,'" Stark mused.

The two hurried back because Stark knew his 14-year-old daughter was at home.

"She heard this explosion. She came downstairs and saw the car, because the car was actually still inside when she came downstairs. The driver backed the car out before we got here," Stark said.

Though the car was out of the living room, Stark came home to a gaping hole in the front of his house, broken glass thrown all over the floor, and found the hood ornament from that car - a Mercedes-Benz - in his kitchen.

His daughter was not hurt. That's something he's grateful for, because just six years ago - he was badly hurt when a car came crashing through his office at the old Camdenton Fire Department.

"I was trapped under the car against my desk," Stark recalled. "Mid County actually responded to that call too, they were able to get me out. Then I was in the hospital and rehab centers trying to get healed up and back to work. I was out about six months."

While things could have ended much differently, Stark and his daughter have moved into another new home. This time, not at the bottom of a hill.

"To get into my new, place, they'd really have to do a 90 degree angle," Stark said.

And if a car comes crashing into a building where he or his family is again?

Stark has a plan.

"Move, change my name, just going to get a bunker somewhere and call it good," Stark joked.

Stark said the driver refused medical treatment on scene.

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