Parking app helps tourists in downtown Eureka Springs

EUREKA SPRINGS, Ark. -- If you park in the parking lots or on the side of the road in downtown Eureka Springs, the only way to pay the meter in the past was with coins.

Police Chief Brian Young said many times people who come through town may not carry cash or coins and be discouraged by the meters.

So now the city is using an app called Passport Parking to make it easier for tourists.

The chief said with this option it's not only easier for tourists but also for his officers.

"Officers have this app on their phone, and they just go through there and look at the tag, 'OK yeah that tag is good for 30 minutes, 3 hours, whatever,' and they just keep on going," said Young.

"We've had some people who live just outside of town in Holiday Island who say, 'We now come down and shop more often because of this app. We don't have to worry about change, or we don't have to worry about the meter running out when we're not there,'" said Mayor Butch Berry.

The mayor said he believes Eureka Springs is the only town to use this app for parking in north Arkansas.