Pass on the nasal mist, brave the shot this flu season

It's described as a quick, easy and finally painless way to help protect kids from getting the flu. But the flu mist is failing.
The Centers For Disease Control confirmed the mist will be less effective against the flu strains likely to make the rounds this season.
Dr. Scott Bartkoski talked with Ky3's Jehan Sheikh about the change. " Now the recommendation is to avoid the flu mist all together this year and just stick with the flu shot." Tests have shown the nasal spray was only 3% effective in children 2 and older last season.

Dr. Bartkoski says " it actually was a huge surprise. The data was so good about the flu mist. They did the research and now it doesn't work as well. Why is this happening....we don't really know why."

It's something the CDC is investigating. But most parents are just glad to know the flu shot will help keep their kids well this flu season. Flu shots aren't 100 percent effective but the CDC found they protected two-thirds of kids last season. Dr. Bartkoski says this year your best bet is to embrace the the flu vaccine with a needle. " A lot adults get scared of needles. Kids especially. But I think it's all about outcomes and reducing disease and illness and the flu shot is the best way to do that."