Missouri Highway Patrol identifies pedestrian killed in crash near Springfield Sunday

Published: Dec. 1, 2019 at 7:19 PM CST
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A Springfield man is dead after a crash on Sunshine and Farm Road 156 near Springfield, Sunday night.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol said a driver was heading eastbound on Sunshine and hit David Gulledge, 56. According to officials, the driver stopped their vehicle in a well-lit area away from the scene when they realized their vehicle had sustained heavy damage; the driver then went back to the scene and realized they had struck a pedestrian.

Cpl. Mike Adams, with the Missouri State Highway Patrol, said the driver is fully cooperative.

"They returned here, they're not intoxicated, they're not impaired, valid drivers. Just an unfortunate accident," Adams said.

An ambulance responding to a separate call was also involved in a fender-bender near the scene.

"One of the fire trucks, when they were responding, people were slowing down, yielding to the fire truck just like they're supposed to do, and an ambulance was also making a run, taking someone to the hospital that they had just picked up and they were not able to stop in time, I think, and they rear-ended the other car," Adams said.

According to Adams, two people were treated for unknown injuries in that crash.

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