Pets getting it good for the holidays

NEW YORK (NBC) Does your Christmas shopping list include a little something for the family pet?

You're not alone.

New data shows we're being especially generous to our pooches.

Pets are on Santa’s "nice" list this year, and consumers are shelling out big bucks for our furry friends this holiday season.

"The pet category is seeing a huge surge in sales about 1.5 more sales than we saw last year," said Tamara Gaffney, Adobe data analyst.

What do pets have on their wish list?

Toys of course!

Beyond the pet store, online retailers are seeing a boom with specialty items for whatever holiday your pet celebrates...

Or even topical toys like the "Dognald". Get it - Dognald???
For the gift that keeps on giving, subscription boxes deliver new items each month.

And what better way to treat your pet, than with treats!

Consistent with the health-conscious trends of humans, we’re buying more organic and handcrafted foods for our pets and high-tech gifts like pet trackers and cameras are gaining popularity.

You do need to buy soon to save.

"Right now shopping for your pet the best time is this week or as soon as possible," added Gaffney.

All in all, our four-legged companions will see an average of $62 worth in gifts under the tree.

Higher spending, as more start seeing themselves as "pet parents" instead of merely owners.

"I have a 7 month lab puppy and i don't mind spoiling her... they're our fur babies!" said Gaffney.

Fur babies, worth spending a "furtune" on. Get it furtune?

And millennials will be the group spending the most on their pets this holiday.