Police arrest a juvenile in deadly stabbing in west Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Police arrested a juvenile in a deadly stabbing late Wednesday night in west Springfield.

Officers responded to a home at 3211 West Walnut around 9:30 p.m. When officers arrived, they found what appeared to be blood on the ground near the address.

A few minutes later, police say three people arrived in a car at Cox North Hospital. The victim, Craig L. Dorser, 43, suffered a stab wound. He later died.

One man, Jarrald Mead, said he witnessed the incident. He said he knew the stabbing was fatal almost immediately.

"Like I knew what time it was after he hit the deck and was like 'tell my daughter I love her please' and then that last breath," he said. "it was rough. "

Mead said Dorser went to the home the suspect was in to talk to them about a previous altercation.

"That's when he just ran up on him and Craig turned around the the kid stabbed him," Mead said.

He said the conversation got violent, then he heard his friend call for help.

"He was like 'help I'm hurt' and it was dead weight instantly," Mead said.

Mead said he was one of the men that helped Dorser into the car and drove him to the hospital.

"While I was trying to get him in the car they was throwing rocks at us while I was just trying to lift him up," he said.

Mead said he stayed at the hospital with Dorser, but when police got there they held him for questioning about his involvement in the death of his friend.

"When they put me in the cop car at first I was real, real angry," he said.

Mead said was later released after being questioned.

Police will not release the name of the suspect because he is a juvenile.

Detectives continue to investigate and are asking anyone who has information about this incident to contact the Springfield Police Department at (417) 864-1810 or make an anonymous call to Crime Stoppers at (417) 869-TIPS (8477).