Authorities identify Lake Ozark, Mo. couple found dead inside home

Published: Nov. 11, 2019 at 9:39 AM CST
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"They're just such a big part of our Osage family," said Jennifer Gattermeir of Anand and Kourtney Torres.

She couldn't believe when she heard both of them were found dead at their home on Racquet Club Drive in Lake Ozark.

Deputies called in for a welfare check Sunday found their bodies inside.

"It's so sad. It's just shocking, really," Gattermeir said.

Gattermeir worked with both Anand and Kourtney on the Osage Youth Athletic Council.

Anand was the youth football director. He coached Gattermeir's son.

She picked her son up from school early Monday to tell him the news, so he didn't have to hear it at school.

"My son said, 'Well how will I make it to the NFL now, without Anand?' because he said, 'he always pushes me, mom,'" Gattermeir recalled.

Kourtney was a youth cheer leading coach. Gattermeir said her daughter helped Kourtney coach.

Captain Chris Twitchel of the Camden County Sheriff's Office says there's more work for investigators to do before we learn what happened at the Torres home Sunday night.

"We need to interview witnesses and try to put the investigation together," Twitchel said. "We need to chase the evidence and make sure everything is being investigated properly."

Gattermeir said the work Anand and Kourtney did - being role models for so many local kids - makes this a tough loss for the whole community.

"Think about the number of kids that they both have touched. It's just devastating," Gattermeir said. "They both are very deep routed here and big, wonderful families that are going to be struggling."

Anand and Kourtney Torres leave behind three children. The sheriff's office says all three are safe with relatives.