Police in Nixa, Mo. will soon enforce center-turn lane laws

NIXA, Mo. (Edited News Release) -- Police in Nixa, Mo. report seeing a lot of drivers using center turn lanes incorrectly.

Not only is it a violation of the law, but it is dangerous and leads to traffic crashes. Three areas where we see many of these violations are:
-Along Highway 14
-Along Nicholas Rd between Nixa High School and Highway 14
-Along Aldersgate near Wendy’s and Walmart

Officers say they want to see fewer traffic crashes and fewer violations, so they want to educate the public on how to use the center turn lane properly. On Thursday April 18th, Nixa Police kicked off their educational campaign by posting a Facebook live video explaining the proper use of center turn lanes, and we will be doing more education on social media over the next few weeks.

Some things to keep in mind:
-It’s called a “center TURN lane” not a “center CRUISE lane”.
-Only use the center turn lane to turn left.
-Don’t drive in the center turn lane for more than 500 ft.
-Don’t ever use the center turn lane to pass traffic.
-Don’t use the center turn lane as an on-ramp for gaining speed to merge. --When turning left from a cross street, wait until all lanes are clear cross to your lane of travel.
-Using the center turn lane incorrectly leads to crashes.

Nixa Police Department will soon step up enforcement of center turn lane laws. In the next few days, officers will give violators warnings for using the center turn lanes incorrectly, but soon they will begin enforcing a zero-tolerance policy and our officers will write tickets for violations. It could mean a fine of up to $100.

Now is your opportunity to learn how to use the center turn lane correctly, before we begin “zero tolerance” enforcement of center turn lane violations.

Safe driving means following the rules of the road.