Police investigate crash involving patrol car, pedestrians in downtown Springfield

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The Springfield Police Department is investigating a crash involving an officer hitting two pedestrians in a crosswalk.

The crash happened Friday night at the corner of Jefferson and St. Louis in downtown Springfield. The eight-year veteran of the Springfield Police Department hit the two while they were walking in the crosswalk. The patrol division officer says they were in his blind spot, and he did not see the husband and wife until they collided.

A woman, 55, suffered a head injury. She has bleeding on her brain. She has since been released. Her husband is okay. The officer assisted both.

"i'm not surprised at all," said Springfield's Keith Chaffin.

Pedestrians tell us it can be a difficult intersection to navigate, on foot, or by car.

"It's hard to tell with traffic coming north back to the south if you look right if you are sitting there," said Chaffin.

Drivers and pedestrians alike say this intersection is hard to navigate.

"It is just a unique intersection because of the one way nature of it," said Springfield's Michael Babcock. "And then you got crosswalks on all four sides. So a lot of times I think the drivers are looking up Jefferson to look for traffic coming at them, and it's kind of a little difficult to navigate the fact that we have got four crosswalks here, and it may not be the best lit intersection."

They say the intersection could use some work, better signage for starters.