Police investigate kidnapping and assault in Branson, Mo.; police arrest 2

BRANSON, Mo. – Two people are custody and one suspect is on the run following a kidnapping and assault incident in Branson.

Gary Murphy, who is in the hospital following this incident, faces charges of kidnapping, assault, and armed criminal action. Khristian Garbrecht is charged with kidnapping. She is in the Taney County Jail. A judge set bond for Murphy at $100,000. A judge set bond for Garbrecht at $75,000.

Police were called to the Stratford House Inn, a motel along Highway 76, around 8 a.m. Saturday.

"[There was] A report of a stabbing," Assistant Police Chief Eric Schmitt said.

When officers arrived, they found out that the man who was stabbed was also a suspect, Murphy.

"A male subject had been held against his will all night and had been assaulted. Prior to us receiving the call, he was able to get a hold of a knife and cut one of his assailants and escape from the room," Schmitt said.

That victim, who also suffered stab wounds, ran to a nearby motel. Tenants and the manager at the Queen Anne Motel say they called for help.

"One of my tenants was immediately helping and came and got us and we immediately jumped on the situation as quick as possible and got him help," Manager Jennifer Clark said.

Clark says they did what they could for him until authorities arrived.

"Who wouldn't? I would hope everybody would in that situation. We care about everybody in the community," Clark said.

Meanwhile, police arrested 31-year-old Murphy and 27-year-old Garbrecht. Police are still looking for the other suspect, however they believe they know who it is.

"We want to stress to the public that these were all acquaintances. This is not something where somebody got snatched off the street or anything along those lines," Schmitt said.

People who live in the area admit this incident is a little unnerving.

"When that stuff happens, right here, it's a little scary. That part is a little scary, but other than that, it's not bad," One tenant at Queen Anne said.

However, they're glad to know the victim was able to get away.

"I'm glad that we were able to be close enough for him to get that help as fast as he did," Clark said.

Police believe this is an isolated incident. The investigation into this case continues. Police encourage anyone that has any information related to this incident to call the Branson Police Department at (417) 334-3300.