Police say man lucky to survive wild crash in southwest Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - A wild accident Monday evening in southwest Springfield. Police are trying to figure out how a man, driving a stolen truck, managed to flip it about 100 yards down Sunshine Street, through a guardrail, and down an embankment.

The crash happened just before 6 p.m. just east of Scenic, slowing traffic during the busy evening rush hour.

The mans' name and condition have not been released, but Springfield Police Lieutenant Mike Lucas said the driver is lucky to have survived. "The amount of damage I'd say he's lucky to be alive. You can look at the debris field and the downed lines and the vehicle flipping several times and then he basically somewhat walks away and gets into an ambulance. It's amazing. I know there's not much left of that truck but the police that work the road all the time see this all the time."