Woman accidentally shoots herself in the foot in Walmart in Mount Vernon, Mo.

MOUNT VERNON, Mo. -- In Mount Vernon an accident at a Walmart sent a woman to the hospital. However police tell us, it could have ended in death.

On December 4, police responded to a shooting inside of the Walmart.
The victim shot herself in the foot after dropping her purse, which had her loaded 38 caliber Derringer gun inside of it.

Walmart employees began aiding Taylor Susan, 61, by holding pressure on the area of the wound until police and paramedics arrived on scene. She was transported to Cox hospital.

"She could've shot somebody else, she could've shot a child," explained Mt. Vernon Chief of Police David Hubert. "Could've been so much worse. Very, very preventable."

While this could be described as an accident, there are steps you can take to avoid this situation.

"Seek out qualified trainers who are going to tell you the law," said explained Hubert. "That's going to familiarize you with the weapons before you carry one."

Gun experts agree about the training.

"Training is paramount, if you're going to carry a fire arm it's the same thing as driving a car," explained Charokee Firearm, sales associate Andy Davis. "The more you know about what you're doing obviously the safer you are."