Polk County Humane Society closes because of sick animals

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BOLIVAR, Mo. -- The Polk County Humane Society is temporarily closed to the public because of a number of sick animals.

The shelter manager says this is the first time in four years it has closed. But they hope to be back open again any day now.

The main issue is puppies with the parvovirus. The manager says they were notified last weekend of about 12 to 14 Chihuahuas dumped in the Fair Play area. They ended up taking in five of the dogs, two of them puppies. S he says by the next afternoon those puppies started to display symptoms. Workers isolated them. But the parvovirus spread to five other puppies. They had not yet been there long enough to receive all of their rounds of the Parvovirus vaccine.

Staff say it's only those few puppies that are sick, but they are taking precautions to ensure the health of all the animals.

"We have a disinfecting protocol that we take, so of course removing whatever animals are sick out of the general area and placing them in an isolation area we're going to the vet, whatever the case may be," said Jessie Shepardson, Polk County Humane Society. "Then disinfecting everything they've touched, which is basically everything."

They could use donations to help deal with all of these issues. You can donate money on their website polkcountyhumanesociety.org. Or you can drop off donations such as disposable puppy pads, paper towels, hand towels and wash cloths, disposable gloves, laundry detergent, dish soap and bleach. But they ask you drop those donations off at Peddler's Post on the Bolivar Square.

The shelter hopes to reopen by Saturday. Check the shelter's Facebook site for updates.