Body in field was teen reported missing with mother in Bolivar

Published: Sep. 2, 2016 at 11:52 AM CDT
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The man who was found dead in a field east of Morrisville last Monday was Austin Anderson, 19. His injured mother, Kimberly Lightwine, 42, was lying near him and was hospitalized.

The Bolivar Police Department earlier in the week told reporters the names of the mother and son because the pair had been the subjects of a missing persons report that the department alerted the public about last weekend. Lightwine’s sister, who lives in Tennessee, had called the Bolivar PD because she couldn’t reach them and was concerned about their well-being.

The discovery of Anderson’s body and Lightwine by a Polk County sheriff’s deputy and a state trooper closed that Bolivar PD case. They were in a field near Missouri 13 at Missouri 215. They had been living in a hotel in Bolivar, according to the Bolivar PD, and Lightwine’s sister told Bolivar PD that Lightwine had problems with her boyfriend and was worried about her sister.

Polk County Sheriff Kay Williams refused all week to release any information about Lightwine and Anderson’s death until Thursday night. The Bolivar Herald-Free Press posted a story at midnight Friday that says Williams identified the body as belonging to Anderson. Williams was not in his office on Friday and a call taker at his office said only he could reissue the information that he gave to the Bolivar newspaper.

Williams told the newspaper reporter that he couldn’t give an update on Lightwine’s condition because of a federal privacy law.

Polk County Coroner Roy Harms said an autopsy of Anderson’s body was done on Thursday. He said Friday that the autopsy found no obvious reason for why Anderson died. He said some findings from a pathologist could be given to the sheriff's department within a week but toxicology tests that would give more information could take several weeks.