Positive Post-its adorn college's elevator during stressful finals week

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Fifty-one weeks out of the year, it's just a lift-up. This week, though, Elevator No. 17 on the north campus of Cox College is up-lifting for those who hop inside.

When two students got in it, they could be heard exclaiming "Oh wow." and "This is cool." Post-it notes--nearly a thousand of them--with positive messages scrawled on them adorn the elevator walls.

The happy notes were the brainchild of assistant professor April Swanson. "You hear them coming onto the elevator saying, 'Oh, I got a study where to you want to meet?' And then they're coming off the elevator 'that was kind of neat; it's like this one was meant for me,' " she said.

Swanson wrangled about 20 of her students in the Occupational Therapy program to pull off the Post-it caper. "We hijacked the elevator in the basement and put them in there really quickly," Swanson explained.

"I was busy," said first year student Jamelle Brownlee. "I think I wrote about 10 notes to hang up in the elevator."

They scribbled funny messages such as "Put on your positive pants" and uplifting ones ones like "Create the future. Prove them wrong. Just keep going."

Student Nell Gillen wrote several affirmations, she said "things like, 'Hey, you're loved or you're awesome.' I put some bible scriptures up there and just to remind people that, you know, you're pretty special."

They did it without telling anyone. "Everybody was like 'Who did this?' So we just let it be a secret for a little while." said Swanson. "Then we were all giddy just waiting for reactions."

The timing? It's a week of tests before Christmas break: 'nuff said. "We put 'punch that final in the face," Gillen laughed, describing one of the messages aimed at classmates trying to get through exams.

So for a brief ride during a stressful week of finals, the students get a real lift. The students are also encouraged to take the notes, so they can keep the positive messages close.