Preparing for spring allergies

Published: Mar. 19, 2018 at 5:16 PM CDT
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Preparing for spring means more time on outside on the lake, or inside a doctors office if you suffer from allergies.

Dr. Minh-Thu Le, allergist and Immunologist at Cox said, "We had some moisture in the last couple of weeks too. So, I think some of the problems we're seeing now probably has something to do with mold."

Allergies and asthma are something that keeps Dr. Le busy all year round, but now is the peak season for people to make an appointment.

"We tend to see people between March and probably November because we have spring, and spring pollen would be the trees, and summer we have grasses, and in the fall we'll get more of the weeds and the molds. So, all of those things keep us really busy during those times," Dr. Le said.

And sometimes it's good to see an allergist to figure out what you're really allergic to.

"People have food allergies of course,and some people when the pollen come out, they might think they have food allergies to different things that are cross reactive with pollen," Dr. Le said.

Which means that the scratch in your throat may not be what you think it is.

"So, like birch pollen and things like that can cross react with things like peaches and apples, so some people eat these and feel like they're having symptoms as far as itching in their mouth or even swelling of their tongue or throat, and get real anxious about that. That's a time to see the allergist as well," Dr. Le said.

And some final advice is that if you do suffer from for asthma or allergies, it's important to know more than what kind of medicine to take.

"We believe not just being on a medication is important but using it correctly," Dr. Le said.

That way you can better enjoy the beauty of spring in the Ozarks.