Presiding Greene County Commissioner addresses concerns about audit

Published: Jan. 9, 2018 at 10:57 PM CST
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The controversy surrounding Greene County officials continues.

We've told you about the complaints filed with the state auditor's office regarding possible misuse of taxpayer resources by county officials.

For the first time, we are hearing from the presiding county commissioner, Bob Cirtin.

"Sometimes these things have a political bent to them. When politics come into play bizarre things happen," he said.

In a past interview, Missouri State Auditor, Nicole Galloway said, "Government must operate transparently."

The complaints were filed against Greene County Commissioners with Galloway's office.

"The whistle blower allegations that came forward are very credible," she said.

"Those complaints will be determined if they are credible. If they are, they should be investigated," said Cirtin.

An official investigation by Galloway's office hasn't happened.

"My concern is to stand on the side of taxpayers and how public officials are acting with the public trust," said Galloway.

Cirtin said, "If we made a mistake in referring to something in an email or sending an email on a county computer we shouldn't have we need to know that. What I'm told is that, by folks who knows those kinds of things, is that there may be some issues but not anything serious."

"There needs to be a process in place with standards on how this type of independent review can occur," said Galloway.

According to Presiding Commissioner, Bob Cirtin, the allegations don't fall under the auditor's office.

"We are working with the Missouri Ethics Commission. Our attorneys are working with the commission. We want that investigation to take place and that's the place to do it," said Cirtin.

Attorneys for county officials are also working with the state auditor’s office to move the investigation forward.

Cirtin said, "The truth will come out. We want the truth to come out."

We are working to confirm with the state auditor that the investigation is now being handled by the Missouri Ethics Commission.

We will continue to follow this and bring you updates as they become available.