Privacy price tag: How you can save big on your car insurance bill

If you get behind the wheel with this device, it could save you hundreds of dollars on your next car insurance bill. We're talking up to 50-percent in some cases. It will cost you, your privacy. This technology is putting more cash into the pockets of good drivers.

Nate Dascher, never drives alone.

"It keeps you accountable," he said.

He doesn't mind the tracker because it pays to be a good driver. He's saved thirty-four dollars.

The bluetooth technology collects data on left turns, right turns, acceleration, speed, and time of day you drive.

Tyler Wilson doesn't mind Big Brother.

"If it gives me a discount, that's an okay sacrifice," he said.

"As low as 5-percent savings as high as 50-percent savings on your insurance premiums. It's a very big deal," said Dan Waisner with State Farm.

Wasiner says less than a quarter of his clients are using the technology because it's so new. Plus, there's the unknown. Most insurance companies use a third party to collect your information.

"Insurance companies are not concerned about where you go or how often you go there ... they're concerned about how fast you go there," Wasiner said.

Depending on the program, you might have options on how much information is shared. This can be helpful for parents with teen drivers.
Just talk to your insurance agent to see what's available.