Proposed Nixa subdivision with 'neighborhood commercial' zoning takes next step

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NIXA, Mo. -- Stenger Homes' plan to build a new subdivision, which would include "neighborhood commercial" zoning and multi-family homes in addition to more than 100 single family plots, took another step towards reality Monday night.

The Nixa Planning and Zoning Commission voted to recommend that the plat be approved as submitted. The only dissenting vote came from a commissioner who lived near the proposed development.

The plan would allow for developing things like a convenience store, dry cleaner, or sub shop in what is otherwise a residential area. This zoning doesn't allow for liquor stores or businesses that would be open late.

Several neighbors who spoke against the decision said that they welcomed the single family homes, but were dubious of the plan to allow apartments or stores near their homes, which they say are quiet.

"That concerns us a lot, greatly, right now, because it seems like it's wide open to us," Brad Neely said. "From a community point, we feel like we are in a residential area. We are on the outskirts of the city limits. We enjoy it like that."

"We kind of feel like we're being asked to write a blank check," Mindy Johnson said. "'Here, build whatever you want to in multi-family! Build whatever you want to in commercial!'"

"We don't have a specific plan right now so I can't say a plan," Stu Stenger said. "We don't have that yet. The first step is to get it zoned. We will do what we feel is right to complement the high quality neighborhood we plan on putting in there."

The next step is a hearing on April 23 to review the plan to annex the land into the city. City Council will vote on the plat and the annexation on May 29.

Stenger says he understands the neighbors concerns, and says that his plan will compliment their neighborhoods. He also added that the commercial and multi-family development is years away.

"We just recently have looked at a marketing study regarding the city of Nixa and it's very underserved," he said. "Multi-family housing is needed in Nixa."