Prosper Springfield Initiative fights poverty through education

Published: Oct. 26, 2018 at 6:16 PM CDT
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There’s a new effort to help people in the community live better lives, by providing more opportunities for higher education, and helping lift them out of poverty.

Prosper Springfield Initiative is trying to make an impact, by uniting resources to better the lives of the community.

One complimentary project to that is the Northwest Project.

The North West project was created to better the lives of people who live in the community.

It's all apart of the bigger picture called the Prosper Springfield Initiative. It started from a call to action report back in 2015 with a set of goals to reduce poverty and increase post-secondary education.

"Our goals are to meet those goals by 2025, to reduce poverty by five percentage points and to increase post-secondary to sixty percent by 2025," said Prosper Springfield Director Francine Pratt.

Prosper Springfield Director Francine Pratt says, this project hits home,

and it's times like that where a helping hand like Prosper Springfield is needed.

"In Springfield it's a very collaborative community, and to see so many people in the private, public and social sector willing to help, it gives me the opportunity to use all my expertise in my own personal situation to move forward if they have a desire to do so," said Pratt

Moving forward, brings big things to Prosper Springfield Initiative.

"Where we're headed is this systematic approach where we hone in on that major goal, that can actually impact reducing poverty, but it can help give people the skill set they need to move to those higher paying jobs," explained Pratt.

The Prosper Springfield Initiative is hoping to help as many people as they can.