Steps to protect your personal information on Facebook

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. First it was 50 million, then 87 million people according to Facebook, and now a local cyber security expert says the personal information of 2.2 billion Facebook users may have been compromised.

Photo: Pixabay

If you're on Facebook, you should assume malicious third-parties have had access to your profile information, cyber experts say. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed a failure to protect data of the site's users this week.

"That's what I think people are coming to terms with. This is no longer about giving me a coupon or making it easier to find what's on sale or giving me an ad that's tailored. Now it's shaping the political debate, and that has really gotten people's attention," said Dr. Shannon McMurtrey of Drury University.

McMurtrey said everyone should check their privacy settings on a regular basis, because those settings are constantly changing on Facebook and other apps. Make sure you turn your microphone app off, for additional security, and be aware of who may be tracking your location.

"When you think about the locations you visit on a regular basis, it's probably your job, it's probably your house, and so if we do a plot of all the locations, we can pretty easily figure out, 'That's Shannon McMurtrey," McMurtrey said.

When you go to a website that says, "Sign in here OR login with your Facebook account," choosing to log in with Facebook, McMurtrey said, provides even more data about you to the social media giant and possibly to third parties.