Protestors ask Sen. Blunt to vote against tax reform

Published: Nov. 21, 2017 at 4:04 PM CST
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Protesters walked Springfield sidewalks to show concern over tax proposal before the U.S. Senate.

Republicans say the $1.5 billion cut would be good for the economy. Opponents say it benefits the wealthy and corporations. More than two dozen people lined up along East Sunshine in front of Senator Roy Blunt's office. Several of them also headed inside to voice their concerns to a Blunt spokesperson, hoping the Senator will vote "no." Some in the faith community say the bill will benefit the rich and not the poor and middle class.

The protestors are also upset about the possibility of a provision to the bill, that could do away with the Affordable Care Act.

Last week, the House passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. GOP Senators are hoping to get their version passed, which would makie it the first major legislative victory of the Trump adminsitration.