Public hearing for changes to the seat belt law in Springfield

Published: Dec. 11, 2017 at 11:21 PM CST
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Springfield wants it to me mandatory for drivers to wear a seat belt when traveling within city limits.

Police Chief Paul Williams told the council he's been advocating for a law allowing officers to pull over a driver who is not wearing their seatbelt for years.

A number of people spoke out for and against this Monday night.

"If you think this ordinance and the context of our youth, we need it more there than anyone else. When you talk about lives lost comparing that to crime fighting, let's talk about how meaningful it is to keep our children alive," said Kurt Larson.

Dr. James Carmichael said, "The seatbelt issue that we've got going on here involves more than whether or not they are good or bad. What it involves is the ability and the freedom of a person to live their own lives as they see fit."

Council will decide on the seatbelt law sometime next year.

They aren't scheduled to meet again until the end of January.

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