Pursuit in Greene county leads to arrest of suspected impaired driver

GREENE COUNTY, Mo. -- The Greene County Sheriff's Office has arrested two people after a pursuit through the county and parts of Springfield, Saturday night.

The Greene County Sheriff's Office said deputies spotted a vehicle driving at high speeds and in a careless manner. Deputies attempted to stop the vehicle, but the driver fled.

A Missouri State Highway Patrol helicopter was working with the Greene County Sheriff's Office on a different project, and was able to follow the suspect vehicle as the driver headed toward Strafford.

According to GSCO the suspect stopped in Strafford, near a Strafford police office. Deputies arrived and approached the suspect vehicle while still in their cars. They say the driver then accelerated, running a sheriff's patrol car off of the road.

GSCO says the Strafford police officer then fired his weapon at the suspect vehicle, hitting it. The driver fled back toward Springfield. Tools used to deflate tires of a fleeing vehicle were deployed, and succeeded in slowing the driver. The driver then continued at speeds around 15 miles per hour before crashing into a pole on Packer road.

GSCO says the driver then fled on foot, stealing a Coca Cola semi-truck, and rammed it into two other nearby Coca Cola vehicles before officers from MSHP, SPD, and the GSCO took the suspect into custody. A news release described the suspect as combative.

A second occupant in the suspect vehicle, that GSCO believes to be stolen, was also taken into custody.

GSCO says the driver is believed to have been impaired, and will be booked into the Greene County jail on multiple charges.