RECIPE: Candy cane hot cocoa

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. In this morning's Taste of the Ozarks, we've got a festive drink from a local favorite. KY3's Maria Neider takes us inside Elle's Patisserie in Springfield's historic Pickwick neighborhood.

Owner Elle Feldman is serving up a special "Drink of the Day" through Christmas. It's their Candy Cane Hot Cocoa. You simply warm up 8 oz. of milk. You can also use this recipe with almond or soy milk. Once the milk is hot, add a tablespoon of white chocolate, and 2 tablespoons of crushed candy cane. Feldman says through trial and error with this recipe, she decided Brach's candy canes are her favorite for peppermint flavor. Stir in the crushed candy cane, top with whipped cream and the patisserie's signature chocolate-peppermint marshmallow.

Elle has taken cooking classes on her trips to Europe and those travels inspired dessert pastries and truffles she now serves here in Springfield, Mo. Elle's Patisserie is still taking Christmas orders. You can call it in and then swing by the shop on Cherry Street to pick up your sweets. You'll notice the patisserie recently got renovated with extra seating, Italian light fixtures and more Paris inspired decor. You can see the daily treats by following Elle's Patisserie on Instagram.