Raw local honey can give you some relief this allergy season

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- If your allergies are flaring up, local bees can help you get some relief. Bees pickup pollen from flowers, trees and grass as they travel around the Ozarks. Research shows raw unprocessed honey has been proven to ease allergy symptoms like coughing and congestion. The local pollen in it could also boost your immunity.

"If you are going to try to use honey for allergy relief, you want to do it consistently. You want to have a little bit everyday and you definitely want to have a raw honey that's local with the hopes those bees flying through the air are getting some of that ragweed pollen, that tree pollen you might have allergic reactions too. But it's really shown to be helpful for symptoms like the congestion and the cough. So if you have a hot tea with honey in the evening for example, it's shown to decrease cough," explains Cassie Dimmick, a registered Springfield dietitian with a master's degree in nutrition. She says buying raw honey from local farmers also means you're getting natural enzymes. Those enzymes are removed in processing for many brands sold in grocery stores.

Looking for some local honey? Check out the links to the right of this story for information on farmers' markets. We also included a link to Elder Farms in Mount Vernon, Missouri. The century farm just put a new line of raw honey on the market. You can find Elder Farms at Saturday's farmers market on Republic Road in Springfield.