Rebooting your relationship in the New Year

Published: Jan. 10, 2018 at 11:49 AM CST
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Many people resolve to start exercising, eat better or lose weight as the calendar turns to January. But, not very many say, "I'm going to work on my relationship."

If you're relationship isn't as smooth, coordinated and synchronised as a pair of Olympic figure skaters, it might be time to get to work.

Dr. Jennifer Baker says, "I think the important thing we want to think about here is that when we are reacting emotionally, we're usually doing that in relationship to someone else and we're handing over that emotional state to that other person. I think it's good to assess how often is that happening?"

Dr. Baker says you should listen to your tone when talking to your partner. Ask yourself, are you using a respectful and loving tone? If not, consider making changes. If you don't make progress and need more help, do consider couples therapy.