Red Cross Hurricane help creates shortage of volunteers in the Ozarks

Published: Oct. 20, 2016 at 10:26 PM CDT
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From Hurricane Matthew's violent path through the Carolinas and Florida, to devastating fires in Springfield. Volunteer response teams with the Red Cross are ready to report to every disaster.

Ann Liles has been a volunteer for the last two years. " It's something you know for sure they're in need and what you're doing is a good thing."

Ann is one of few holding down the fort while 25 other volunteers assist those directly impacted by wrath of Hurricane Matthew. " That puts a lot of demands on folks. Most of the people who deploy from our chapter, myself included, we do things every week as volunteers and when we deploy it leaves those voids here," says Ann.

The Red Cross says it's short-handed, responding to local house fires. This past weekend, the Fairway Apartment complex caught fire. The flames and smoke forced several tenants out of their homes. Some not able to salvage anything. That's when volunteers like Ann step in to help. But the Red Cross is looking for more volunteers.

Whether volunteers want to get involved locally or be deployed, the red cross says their help is vital in assisting those in need. To volunteer visit

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