Registered sex offenders in Dent County will have signs outside their home this Halloween

Published: Oct. 23, 2018 at 8:12 PM CDT
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We are now just 8 days away from Halloween and one local sheriff's office here in the Ozarks wants to make it a safe night for all the kids going door to door. That's why the Dent Co sheriff's office wants a particular group of people to put a sign outside their home.

The Dent County Sheriff's Office is asking all the registered sex offenders in the county and especially those inside the Salem city limits to put this sign reading, no treats or candy at this residence, somewhere outside their home for everyone to see on Halloween.

The posting of the sign is a law that all sex offenders under certain sections must abide by.

Currently there are 62 registered sex offenders in Dent County and 16 of those live inside the Salem city limits.

The sign must be visible for all to see.

"They can make their own sign. The statue just says that they have to post a sign and the sign says no treats or candy at this residence. There's no requirements how this message is presented. All the statue says is they have it on the outside of their residence. There's no location requirements or anything of that nature," Whitney Capps with the Dent County Sheriff's Office said.

On the back of the sign provided by the sheriff's office are other laws that must be followed.

"They have to be inside there residence from 5 to 10:30 pm on Halloween night. All outside residential lighting has to be turned off," Capps added.

If they do not abide by the law they will be guilty of a class A misdemeanor.

Tiffany McMullin appreciates the extra steps to keep her three trick or treaters safe.

"Any type of preventative measures is more than welcome because you don't know what can happen," McMullin exclaimed.

The sheriff's office will be actively patrolling on Halloween to make sure drivers aren't speeding through neighborhoods but also to make sure the sex offenders are compliant.

"Anybody can put a sign up but you never know if they're going to follow through so the fact that they're going to check up and make sure they are following these is great," McMullin said.

The sheriff's office also reminds folks to drive slow and pay attention for children who could dart out in front of cars at anytime and for parents to check their children's candy at the end of the night.