Relief organizations prepare for another major disaster

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Springfield, MO At the Convoy of Hope operations center in Springfield, a lot of attention is still being paid to the Houston area, as they help out the thousands of people devastated by Harvey. But, they're also keeping an eye on Florida, as another possible disaster could happen this weekend.

"Right now, we're going to focus on what we're doing," says Jeff Nene with the Convoy of Hope. "We're focusing on the Houston area, Texas, all along the Gulf Coast there, trying to get food and water into people's hands, and then trying to make that transition to debris removal, helping people clean up their homes."

Nene says the Convoy of Hope has already helped 125,000 people in Texas, with nearly 3 million pounds of supplies. Recovery could take as long as a year, so they are far from done. But, Mother Nature isn't done yet either, as a category five hurricane, Irma, bears down on Puerto Rico and possibly Florida.

So, can Convoy of Hope, and other relief organizations like them, respond to another massive disaster? While he couldn't say exactly how, yet. Nene says they will be there, if they're needed, "We will respond if it's as bad as people think it's going to be. If it's a major disaster area, we will respond, but those plans are still in the making. Fortunately, we have a few days left to be able to make those decisions. But somehow, we will do it."

There could also be an even bigger demand for food, clothing, and other supplies, after relief organizations have already provided millions of dollars of that to Texas. Nene says, money and supplies shouldn't be a problem either, because of people like you, "People have always stepped up to the plate. Any time there's a major disaster... I mean, you look back at Joplin, Japan Haiti, and all of those... Moore, Oklahoma, people always stepped up and responded. The people of the Ozarks are a very giving people. I think that the resources will continue to come."

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