Remanufacturing sector amps up effort to recruit workers

Published: Apr. 12, 2018 at 5:44 PM CDT
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The remanufacturing sector in Springfield is booming, and that means local employers are looking for qualified workers.

"You breathe a second life into product. You keep it out of landfills," said Vaughn Henson of the Springfield Remanufacturing Company.

Springfield claims the title of the world capitol for the industry and hosted the first ever Global Remanufacturing Day Thursday.

"We've invited... local educators, counselors, students. Part of our legislative team will be here as well. We want to get the word out," Henson said.

The local remanufacturing industry has grown at a record pace in recent years, adding some 500 jobs just locally within the last five years.

That means the word they are working to get out now is they are hiring.

In total there are more than 130 with companies across town.

"I started out in production. I was 19-years-old. Pretty green in the workplace," said Brandon Jones, an engineer.

Jones received tuition reimbursement for his college degree. Jones is now completing a masters degree in project management.

"If college isn't for you right out of high school, take advantage of the programs that we offer, and see where that leads you," Jones said.

You can visit the following websites to search for current job openings:

CNH Industrial Reman

John Deere Reman

SRC Companies