Represenative from Springfield pre-files 'Hailey's Law' with hopes of pushing through legislature

 Hailey Owens (family photo)
Hailey Owens (family photo) (KSPR)
Published: Dec. 1, 2017 at 4:56 PM CST
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Yet again this year, lawmakers in Missouri will have a chance to pass Hailey's Law. The measure was first drafted in memory of 10-year old Hailey Owens who was kidnapped from her Springfield neighborhood and raped and murdered in 2014.

"Statistics show within 45 minutes or more the chances of a fatality go up significantly," said State Representative Curtis Trent.

Trent is working to push Hailey's Law to make Amber Alerts faster after those closest to the tragedy have said publicly a faster system could have saved the child's life.

"If an Amber Alert had been released in a timely manner, I was in the same neighborhood as Craig's house. I was moments away from his house," said Craig Wood's father, Jim Wood.

Representative Trent said the bill has gotten caught up in ongoing political battles in Jefferson City, Mo. He believes the recent court proceedings, specifically the conviction of Craig Wood, could help shine the light on the measure this year.

"If could certainly bring more attention to the issue and put it on the front burner so to speak," Trent said.

Friday marked the first day for bills to be pre-filed in Jefferson City.

Trent made sure Hailey's Law was one of them.

"We're starting earlier than we did last year, and so my hope is that we're able to get it through before those broader fights break out, and it gets caught up in something else," Trent said.

Missouri lawmakers still have a month before they go back to work at the state capitol.