Residents recover and prepare for more storms ahead

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. With more storms heading into the forecast, many are still trying to recover from last week's storms and floods.

For nearly two decades, Larry Whitely and his wife have endured the torrential rainfall and the floods that come with it.

"All I can do is slow it down a little bit and keep it from washing to bad and everything, but it's going to come over," said Whitely.

This year the flood levels have been more than what they expected.

"This is the highest in 48 years we've seen the rain out here and the water back up and everything," explained Whitely.

So far the Ozarks has seen more than 26 inches of rainfall. That's nearly ten inches more than usual for the Spring months.
That heavy rainfall has meant flooding for many low-lying areas, and the people who live there.

Neighbor Bob Utter says he's never seen or heard anything like the recent flood before.

"It was really loud, really loud," said Utter. "When you walk out of the house and come outside, it's just basically roaring."

County workers have been doing what they can to make the creek flow better. Whitely says they have been a great help to him and his neighbors.

"They're going to be back here tomorrow putting some big rocks, around the bridge and everything, where it washed out a big part of our bank and everything," explained Whitely.

Though with storms possible by Tuesday, it feels like an endless cycle for those who have to deal with the flooding.

"Then a day and a half later here it comes again, and it's kind of like 'ooh' it kind of takes it out of you for a little while," said Whitely.

"I'm just tired of it, but what can you do its mother nature," added Utter.